2016 Mazda3

Finding adventure around the corner.

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The Mazda3 never stops pushing the limits of innovation and design. From its excellent fuel efficiency and cutting-edge technologies to its premium available features and head-turning design, the Mazda3 truly offers more, settling for nothing less than the best driving experience possible. The details will always matter to us because driving matters to you.


Some automakers are content to engineer the status quo. Not us. At Mazda, we’ve stopped at nothing to totally redefine the driving experience. The result is our revolutionary SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY, a platform that delivers unmatched driving dynamics right alongside unbelievable efficiency. Get more information…


What good is an exhilarating drive if you’re constantly thinking about the nearest pump? The Mazda3 delivers pulse-quickening performance plus outstanding fuel efficiency. So you never have to choose between fun and functional. Get more information…


Simply preset the vehicle speed and available Mazda Radar Cruise Control will work within a set speed range to help maintain a safe distance between you and the preceding vehicle, down to 19 mph. Get more information…

- Mazda Radar Cruise Control is not a substitute for safe and attentive driving. There are limitations to the range and detection of the system. Please see your owner’s manual for further details.

- The illustration displayed is for feature explanation only. It is neither technically accurate nor to scale. Please reference the Mazda3 Smart Start Guide for more detailed information.